Lummi Indian Business Council

IAFF Local 106 - Bellingham / Whatcom County Professional Firefighters

Washington Conservation Voters

National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington State

SEIU Healthcare 1199 NW

Washington Teamsters Legislative League

Northwest Washington Central Labor Council

Sierra Club

Whatcom Democrats

Riveters Collective

42nd Legislative District Democrats

Whatcom County Democratic Women

Whatcom County Councilmember Satpal Sidhu

Whatcom County Councilmember Barry Buchanan

Whatcom County Councilmember Todd Donovan

Whatcom County Councilmember and Chair Rud Browne

Bellingham Mayor Kelli Linville

Former Bellingham Mayor Tim Douglas

Bellingham City Councilmember Pinky Vargas

Former Bellingham City Councilmember and President Roxanne Murphy

Former Bellingham City Councilmember Louise Bjornson

Port of Bellingham Commissioner Michael Shepard

U.S. Congressman Rick Larsen

Former WA State Representative Kris Lytton

WA State Representative Debra Lekanoff 

WA State Representative Sharon Shewmake

WA State Representative and Speaker Laurie Jinkins

Sharon Stone

Tracy Diehl

Erica Quam

Jen Gallant

Jim Hansen

Melissa McCreery

April Claxton

Katrina Lyon

Elizabeth Boyle

Arthur Reber

Anne-Marie Faiola

Mary Cwalina

Genevie Roguski

Debbie Fish

Krissy Moehl

Jane Bright

Trisha Walton

Stephanie Trasoff

Leaf Shumann

Mike Sennett

Carrie Viens

Carol Meligan

Carole Jacobson

Abe Jacobson

Erica Littlewood

Joann Otto

Carin Carter

Freddi Steele

Patrick Alesse

Tom Carson

Eric Hirst

Polly Favinger

Laurel Cook

Alyce Werkema

Melissa Marteny

JoAnn Vesper

Carrie Blackwood

Carol Meligan

Elizabeth Hartsoch

Todd McKernan

Silvana Clark

Teri Hill-McIntyre

Eileen Kadesh

Tammy Bennett

Cora Boothby

Linda Winter Pace

Aly Horry

John Bosche

Heather Christianson

Gail Garman

Keats Garman

Jane Moudry

Monika M. Kiley

Jane Lowrey

Jolie Cole

Jillian Trinkaus

Paula Smith

Kelly Knight Follis

Elodie Chaplain

Laura Rink

William Rink

Ben Mann

Joanne Douglas

Jonathan Scanlon

Heather Katahdin

Chris Moench

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"I have known Carol Frazey for 2 years. She is a thoughtful, caring, enthusiastic person who makes an effort to educate herself on issues. She does not rely on stale information but rather strives to learn the most updated facts on all sides of important concerns in Whatcom County. She loves this area and cares about ALL Whatcom County residents. She has served us well this past year and we need her to continue to be on our County Council." -Francie Gass


"I appreciate the passion, drive, and integrity Carol brings to her business and the Whatcom County Council. As a small business owner in the health and wellness field, as well as one who owns farmland in rural Whatcom County, those qualities stand out as essential for the well-beingness of our community. I support Carol Frazey and look forward to Whatcom County's future."
-Lise Flora Waugh, Whatcom County Ten Mile area resident